panic attacks

It is within our hands... It hovers over our heads...

It is within our hands…
It hovers over our heads…



Man your lungs, my friend, for here it comes:

The Big Swell.

You don’t breathe, I don’t breathe,

Yet we’re breathing too fast.


My pulse is racing ahead,

Whose body am I inhabiting?

I am besides myself with fear,

With fear that I’m still trapped inside my skin

My skin is pushing,

I’m being re-born and I father myself,

I have no mother and this biological impossibility gnaws at me.


Reason returns, and with it, a name-tag, to hide the fear.

The fear that in the Beginning there was nothing

And then, conveniently, came the Word.

Let’s hide together?


Don’t forget (how) to breathe



I talk about Zen, about Jesus and Socrates, but, at the same time, I’m breathing and moving around.

One of the chapters on Mind-Body Into-One aikido is called the Ki-breathing Method or Ki Calling-Absorbing Law (Chapter 15. 氣の呼吸法).

We absorb breath from the ki. We have to remember that when we take in breath from the ki:

We give it back to Sky-Earth and the World


We take in breath which goes into the One-Point Beneath-the-Navel


When Night Comes, Sky and Earth Sink into Calmness, when all is Quiet and there are No more Voices


if One Human (Alone) applies this method


we become One-Body with Sky-Earth, as we can no longer tell where we end and Sky-Earth begins.


When we do this, our Life-Force is Active at its utmost.


[Note: If you listen to the recording, do not attempt to breathe this way. Practice by yourself, at your own pace, with No Voices around you].

Without forcing it…

We breathe like we’re running all the time, never paying attention, unless it gets hard.

Why don’t we try to make it better? Why do we care only when it’s bad? Let’s remember how it feels good.

We shouldn’t run away from our bodies.