Table of Contents (目次 Eyes-Next )

Chapter 1: The Inscription Sitting-to-our-Right 座右の銘 (Our Motto)

Chapter 2: The Value of Our Existence as Human-Beings 我が人生の存在価値

Chapter 3: The Ki-Merging Path 氣に合するの道 (Aikido 合氣道)

Chapter 4: Mind-Body Integrated-as-One 心身統一

Chapter 5: The One-Point Below-the-Navel 臍下の一点

Chapter 6: Relax リラックス

Chapter 7: Falling-quiet Reaching-stability 落ち着き (Calming-Down)

Chapter 8: Positive Human-Life プラスの人生

Chapter 9: Sunk-in-a-Place Meaning-Knowing 潜在意識 (Subconscious Awareness)

Chapter 10: The Principle of non-Conflict 争わざるの理 (The Principle of non-Competition)

Chapter 11: The Root-Quality of Ki 氣の本質

Chapter 12: The Ki Method of Body-Manipulation  氣の体操法 (Ki Gymnastics)

Chapter 13: Quiet-Movement One-Match 静動一致 (Dynamic-Static Consistency)

Chapter 14: The Un-Moving Mind-heart 不動心 (NOT unmoved!)

Chapter 15: The Ki Method of Calling-out-Taking-in  氣の呼吸法 (=The Ki Method of Breathing)

Chapter 16: The Ki Method of Pressure 氣圧法

Chapter 17: The Spirit-Like Mind-heart 霊性心 (the Spirit (霊) is aligned (並) with the Rain (雨))

Chapter 18: The Path-Seeking Mind-heart 求道心 (Centri-Petal Force = Center-Seeking Force 求心力)

Chapter 19: The Power of Thought 念の力 (Thought refers to Attention made up of Now (今) Mind-heart (心))

Chapter 20: Virtue-in-the-Shadows 陰徳

Chapter 21: The Path of Explaining 説道

Chapter 22: The Ki Test 氣のテスト

Post scriptum: This page will be continuously updated as I climb up and down in dialogue with each step.