Dialogue with the Bad

Got a black eye? Look with your other eye

Got a black eye? Look with your other eye

There comes a day in our live, when we feel overwhelmed, when we feel that we had enough.

  • If you’ve ever been sick,
  • if you’ve ever been tired,
  • if you’ve ever felt that the world is just not fair,

then you know what I’m talking about.

Bad is stronger than Good but we have to take stock of this and we have to put it in perspective by asking ourselves:

“How do we face this Law of human psychology, of evolutionary history:

  • that Bad would be more salient than Good?
  • that Bad would be more deeply processed than Good and so on?”

The first thing to notice here is that we need to work hard to maintain the balance because Bad is (by default) stronger so we need to labor more on the side of Good.

The second thing is to acknowledge that Bad is a form of inertia and ignoring it will not make it disappear. On the Ki-Merging-Path (aikido), we say:

This World is Filled with people who have Lost their Way, who Suffer from Mind-Heart Sickness


Let us Use-up All Our Power and Explain what is Right For the People


Chapter 21: The Way of Explaining


Doing the Right thing represents an active choice to promote Good, but occasionally we have to deliberately engage in a dialogue with that which is Bad.

What is the Bad (for us moderns living comfortable lives)?

It is the Imagined Bad.

Why do we need to imagine the Bad? In order to feel empathy with those who feel Bad:

  • with those who feel sick,
  • with those who feel tired,
  • with those who feel hopeless,
  • with those who feel desperate,
  • with those who feel caught in the system,
  • with those who feel crushed by the system,
  • with those who feel overwhelmed by their situation,
  • with those who feel insignificant in the large scheme of things,
  • with those who feel helpless, in the dark…

We need to engage in this dialogue (with Bad) and this is where poems provide the language so we can curse not each other, but rather all that follows (from Bad).

Post scriptum: Spoken after finding out I’ve made myself redundant in my current workplace and I’ll be unemployed from January 1st, 2016.

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