Genesis within the Word

As well, we could say (in Romanian): Facerea lumii intru Cuvant.

„La inceput a fost CUVANTUL”.

CUVANTUL a inceput sa zburde prin intuneric, si din caderea lui L a aparut Lumina.

CUVANTU insa nu si-a luat seama si a plutit mai departe, din nou in intuneric, iar apoi din nou in lumina unde a cazut U – de la Umori – apele si cerul.

CUVANT se opri cutremurat: sunt doar un cuvant, si un fior il trecu astfel ca T-ul cazu drept in coada lui Lumina. Luminat se vazu reflectat dintr-un foc, dand nastere Luminatorilor.

In faza urmatoare, am inceput s-avem Nume, prin prabusirea lui N.

CUVA deveni constient de schimbarea sa si se crezu Atotcuprinzator, si in acel moment il pierdu si pe A.

V nu intarzie in a se decoji si astfel aparura Vietuitoarele.

CU se simti stingher, fiindca nu exista un altul de care sa se lege; eu sunt doar Unul isi spuse, si ramase doar C. Copilul isi deschise ochii – ziua a sasea.

Adevarul lui Acum: Dumnezeu este Cuvantul, dar noi suntem Copii. Secundara nu poate fi decat adversativa. Cuvantul zboara, trece, insamanteaza Pamantul, isi recupereaza literele si le risipeste din nou, iar Copiii stau precum celelalte Create.

Cuvantul este Faramitat, se reintoarce in Fara nume, dandu-i nume, iar acesta le pierde din nou.

Si atunci? Atunci doar intunericul de la inceput, cel ce ne inconjoara. Cat nu ne secera din nou uitarea, sa nu ne oprim din a-l cauta, din a-l numi, din a-l chema pe nume: Poate se opreste sa se uite.

La urma urmelor, cum o fi cand te priveste Cuvantul?


“In the beginning was THE WORD”

THE WORD began to gambol through the darkness and Dawn fell. And there was light.

THE WOR didn’t mind this and kept floating from darkness to light again, which caused it to Rain. And there was water from the sky.

THE WO came to a halt as light shone like a spear through O which found itself detached and stuck with a burning question: What Orbs give off the light? And there were stars, the Moon and the Sun.

In the next stage, with the fall of W we gained Words to name things.

THE became conscious of the gap following and hastily shed it, lest that space reveal the indeterminacy of all things.

Through Exfoliation beings Erupted into Existence.

TH attempted to decide on the right pronunciation calling forth a Human voice to settle the matter. Left alone, the Toddler opened her eyes on the sixth day.

The truth in our time: God is the Word, but we are just Children. The second one can only be an adversative clause. The Word glides over, seeds the Earth, re-collects its letters, and then sows its seeds again, while Children wait together with all Creation.

The Word breaks down into Naught, returning into the Nameless, giving it a name which loses its constituents anew.

Then what? Then only the primordial darkness, which surrounds us. Before we are cut down by forgetfulness, stop not from seeking, from naming, from calling it by name: Perchance it will pause to look back.

After all, what would it be like to be seen by the Word?

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