insane by name

Which way through the gate to reach the Sky?

Which way through the gate to reach the Sky?

At this point, you may feel that it’s already too late to stop. You may be thinking right now:

“After giving so much of yourself to these dialogues, which seem to converge on a notion of truth and religion, this is becoming rather dangerous”.

Hitting upon the truth could be dangerous because there are several comfortable lies (or comfortable memes), false notions which a lot of people would rather still entertain, unfortunately.

I feel that I’ve gone far enough to earn myself the ire of many other people.

I do this with the knowledge that the dialogue will be very short, between me and these people.

I still hope that you can acknowledge that what I call “your comfortable lie” is a dialogue you have with yourself and not with me; the dialogue with me would be slightly different. I know that

the dialogue with me involves me throwing down (nageru 投げる) some ideas from your comfortable life.

Telling people something that is true always involves a certain risk and you get a bit worried:

Can everybody take it?

Or perhaps I’m crazy… That’s another possibility. If I’m crazy then you don’t need to worry about what I say:

This guy talks to himself so much, he’s obviously not normal.

Here you go, that’s your get-out-of-jail-pass (the jail of my dialogues): I’m insane.

It’s interesting that we think ourselves quite knowledgeable about insane people.

  • We do know a fair bit, although only in a limited field (psychiatry).
  • We don’t know enough about what we would call “the sane people”, but we think we know a lot about sane people because we think we’re sane and we know ourselves.

Let me tell you (as someone who thinks he’s insane in some respects) that your sanity and

the definition that you attach to sanity are cropped up from the dialogues you’ve had with many other people.

Is it sane to jump from a bridge? It depends, of course, but, in general, people would agree that it’s not a good idea. You might be bungee-jumping, then calling this sane or insane depends on how much risk you can take.

Am I offering the same kind of bet? That by hearing about some true meanings, you’d be jumping off a bridge?


I’m building this from scratch and I am insane in some ways.

Insanely preoccupied with finding the meaning, not only of my life, but also of any human being.

Why do I do this? Because I like to think of myself as a rational being: Reasoned insanity.

Incidentally, in case you’re wondering about my username, it means “the nutty guy” al zarghit.

Gone. The lights are on, but nobody’s home.

I think everyone is crazy in their own way.

I’m telling you that the truth pursued by an insane person could be accessed by everybody through a short dialogue with themselves, where they’re true to themselves and honest with themselves about certain comfortable lies which we have about ourselves and which should be discarded.

Comfortable lies such as

We are good people, we are not responsible for the bad stuff which happens around us; we are not responsible to do anything in this world except to move along and entertain ourselves from time to time.

Entertainment is good, laughter is good, but entertainment alone (as the norm is now) puts us in a quandary.

What kind of a quandary do we find ourselves in when so much entertainment is available just around the corner of the next click?

The danger is that

  1. we could forget about the truth, which can be discovered by a person individually &
  2. we might think that the only truth can be discovered by everybody moving together.

But we know our truth, we know why we’re alive, and we know the meaning of our lives.

Well, what is it?

Who’s asking this question? Only an insane person, of course. Al zarghit.

Why do I talk about this? Why do I feel that the silences and the dialogues which I had in my head should/need be shared?

Because I think that we need a new religion,

a new way of thinking about how to live in this world and to remember the meaning of our being in this world.

I feel that I can be a teacher, and that anybody can be a teacher.

What kind of teacher? A teacher who explains the way.

Quoting from memory, if you’ll allow me (Tohei Koichi (藤平光一) No. 21 The Way of Explaining (説道)):

 He who thinks only of his own Self-Interest cannot Become-Settled in the Great Way.


If you have Met-Acquired the Great Way of Sky-Earth,

If you have become Aware of the Principle of Sky and Earth,

This you must Always make-Known to the People of the World,

That is the Meaningful-Task that has been Given to you by the Sky and the Earth.



Begone the thought that We don’t have the Power to Help People.


One-Day Learning means One-Day Teaching.


This World is Full of People who have Lost their Way and who Suffer in their Minds.


Let us Use up All Our Power in Explaining what is Right to the People and for the People.


So I like to think of myself as a teacher, up to a point of course.

Why only up to a point? Because I’m also insane and also lost sometimes. However, I belong to the minority of people

  1. conscious that we’re lost,
  2. accepting that we’re lost &
  3. realizing that we cannot be lost in this Great-Way.

We can all walk this way.


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