Crazy people at weapon shows

Money and weapons: the vicious circle of fear

Money and weapons: the vicious circle of fear

Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.

Draft manuscript (c.1881), quoted by Albert Bigelow Paine “Mark Twain: A Biography : the Personal and Literary Life of Samuel Langhorne Clemens – Vol. 2“, p. 724.

Today I wanted to take a break, but I see this news on TV about a weapons show where they showcase the latest technology developed for an incredibly complex machine (a jet fighter) to destroy another incredibly complex machine (a tank).

Everybody is now running simulations about killing others and (sure enough) it results in killing others.

Then, some expert comes on to say that the Asian countries are now very interested in purchasing these machines.

The weapons market is now heating up.

We are now talking about weapons in “market economy” terms.

This is one reason market capitalism is idiotic

(in its etymological sense idioumai “to appropriate to oneself”).

These weapons have a high value because people like killing each other.

Why do people like killing each other? Because they’re afraid. Because people are (evolutionary-speaking) cowards; they think “I’m going to buy this weapon and it will allow me to kill the Other and I will survive”.

The problem is that if you kill another person, you die together with that person.

How many times did these professional soldiers [in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Chechnya etc.] die? Too many times.

Is there a right time to kill another person? Perhaps, but the fact remains that the person who kills another person dies at the same time. You die with your victim; you don’t gain another life.

When we die, there is a very simple thing that happens:

We slow down, and then we slow down some more, and more, and more.

Until we stop.

We stop for others who are still living, but you [=the dying person] never stop in terms of what happens in your brain.

Because the intervals between the dialogues in your head just keep getting longer and longer and longer…

Countless dialogues ebbing into nothingness

Signals bouncing in slowed-up motion. You keep having dialogues into nothingness, and each reply takes longer and longer to reach you, each reply feels like the last reply you hear from your body, your mind, your memories…

Who knows how many dialogues are possible in the huge intervals when your brain grinds towards a never-reached halt?

Now, if during these (perception-wise) infinite intervals we had to live with the thought of having killed another person, that would be the most horrible thought one could dwell on.

This is why, from the moment somebody kills another person, the murderer is only living through an accelerated race to join the murdered person, to see where the murdered person ended up, to see what’s going on after.

We come back to Tohei Koichi (藤平光一) and

 The Principle of non-Conflict (Chapter 10 争わざるの理 )

There is No Conflict in the absolute world [=Sky-Earth] (絶対的天地に争いが無く).

It is Only in the relative world that Conflict occurs (相対的世界にのみ争いが生ず).

There’s only One in the absolute world, even if now there are Two (creating a dialogue) and that’s why we have conflicts. Only here.

Let us join Mind and Body into One (心身を統一して)

Let us become One Body with Sky and Earth (天地と一体となり)

Let us follow (Go-in-Reality with) the Reason of Sky-Earth (天地の理を実行する)

What is “the Reason of Sky-Earth”? Life, right? That is the reason of Sky-Earth.

If we follow Reason, nobody will stand against us.

People will Follow us of their Own free will (人自ら我に従う).

[There is no such thing as] Fighting-Competing for survival (Life-Belief) (生存競争)

[It is not true that] Weak=Meat and Strong=Eater (弱肉強食)

there should be None of that (という勿れ).

The True Path to Success  follows the Principle of non-Conflict (真の成功の道は争わざるの理),

Which is Exactly the Same as the Path towards Peace-Harmony (即ち平和への道と全く同一の道である).

Let us stop being idiotically fascinated with the latest weapons, with killing the Other, which would only result in killing ourselves as well. Let us concentrate on what we have together, as one.

We are one, ultimately, even if we always have a dialogue going on.

Managing our dialogue with each other; managing to say “No” to this primitive fear of the Other, when we are on the brink using more horrible weapons in more indiscriminate ways.

If you see the suffering in the world, from Afghanistan to these countries where they’re still clearing mines: Mines which tear off limbs.

How can we still have weapon shows, where people go and are excited to spend huge amounts of money on these weapons, which we deplore when they are deployed?

Why do we still do this? We think we protect ourselves, but the only thing that happens is that we kill ourselves and we kill the weak: We kill everybody, and we kill ourselves in the process.

We die in this process even if we happen to live for a couple of years or decades after.

From Jesus Christ to Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, we have been told that it is infinitely better to be the victim than the aggressor, since the latter can have no peace forever after.

Let us remember the true path to peace; it lies with the ki; it lies with integrating mind and body; it lies with following the Law (=Reason) of Sky-Earth.

Not with these crazy people who come up on TV or who go to weapon shows, right?

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