living with ourselves in highly-designed spaces

Most of us live in extremely well-designed spaces, whose sheer convenience makes them invisible to us.

half-demolished house

half-demolished house (intentionally, not by earthquake etc.)



We think that talking to yourself is selfish because you’re shutting out others. Let’s say you have a family, or you’re married, then you may be shutting out your wife, your kids… But are you really?

Not if you’re including them in the whole picture, in the World-Limits-View (sekai-kan 世界観), which you-as-one-human might be trying to come to terms with.

If I have a family, I might feel an urge to discover the spirit of the world, the point of being alive, the motto of a life, how to find the way, how to feel that my body is my body,

how to feel that I’m fully in control aware of the moves I make:

I think about them and I can change what needs to be changed.

There are mistakes of course, it’s nature we are dealing with out there, not everything has been designed like it has been in the house you’re living in. You know, water, toilets and so on. Nature is different from this.

You are completely unprepared to live in a natural environment, in a cave, even a tent seems too exposed.

But that’s normal.

The entire Designed Space you live in is so convenient that, even if you make mistakes, these are not punished severely.

Imagine scratching yourself and not having water to rinse or band-aids to apply.

Try to imagine what you’d have to do if there were no toilet paper.

How would you wash yourself, everyday? How would you eat?

Would you be able to heat up anything, if you’re out there in nature?

So it’s all designed space that we live in. And this designed space has been designed for so long, by so many people that most of us can live pretty safely.

That being said, Nature is still out there in the background which can quickly become the foreground.

Nowhere is this more clear than in Japan, which is visited by these huge earthquakes, every 50 years, 100 years, or 1000 years, like we had right now, apparently.

The point is, nature is still out there, no matter how highly designed is the space we live in. Of course, in Japan the architectural style protects us, but it’s not just what’s around us, it’s how we are, how we deal with these situations, and how we can improve these situations.

Two quotes from Tohei, Koichi (藤平光一), the Founder (宗主) of Mind-Body-Into-One Ki-Merging-Path (Shinshin-toitsu Aikido 心身統一合氣道).

[The English translation is mine, as I insist on clarifying the individual kanji (漢字=Chinese characters) in brackets or through Upper-Case].

What is the Ki-Merging Path?


If the Moon Comes, Reflect the Moon. If the Bird Comes, Reflect the Bird.

(Chapter 7: Falling-Quiet)

How do we explain the world and how did it come about?


The absolute (Cutoff-Oposite) world (Sky-Earth) is One .


Here, Two symmetric (Corresponding-Opposing) effects (Make-Use) have Appeared, Creating the relative (Corresponding-Opposite) world (World-Limit).


In the Orient (East Ocean), it is Called the Yin-Yang (Shadow-Light) Principle, while in the Occident (West Ocean), it is Called Positive / Negative.


From Now on, let us forever (One-Cut) reject (Eliminate-Remove) Negative concepts (Appearance-Idea) and let us press Forward Living Positively.

(Chapter 8: Positive Human-Life)

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