English composition homework

Lost in contemplation

Lost in contemplation

A Play

A park with no trees. Stairs leading to an underground passage;

  • on the left a door,
  • on the right another one.

On the wall facing the stairs, an inscription:

“Here lies” – the rest is indistinguishable, save for another fragment “to the eternal glory of our God”.

A man comes from the right side. Not necessarily the right man. He is staggering while trying to zip up his pants. He leans on the wall, so that his nose touches the “s” of the “lies”. He suddenly becomes aware of it. He starts away from it with a jerk and a groan as his stomach is not in the condition for violent
movements. He throws up all over the wall.

Confound that apple, it was rotten!

One piece stuck on the “here” the rest went for “the eternal glory of”; the rest covered the floor, ultimately draining under the door on the left.

That’s the right spirit, give it to the opposition!

He looks around aggressively and takes a martial pose.

Them fellows don’t have the guts he has! Oh, he forgot – at any rate, the guts he had. Wipes his mouth and looks around to see if anybody witnessed the scene. Nobody.

Naturally, who would bother watch just another drunk man feeling sick? Absurd! Just as the sound of this knock on wood. Where the hell did that come from? Underneath? But he is already underground. Oh, yes- “here lies…” Well damn that noisy fellow, what was HIS complaint? Stamping of foot. The noise subsides to a moan.

A rabbit comes out of nowhere. And you’re supposed to be my guide, he-he, ho-ho, as if I’m as dumb as to follow a beast. Now, don’t take offence, but you chum, have less than I do, and that’s not a lot, take my word for it. He starts chasing the animal while his lips move without being able to utter a sound. Not much space for a proper chase – up the stairs where the rabbit manages to slip through his legs, down the stairs, where the process is repeated. After some time, he grows tired, so he stops reaching for the rabbit with his hands, confining his action to a stroll – up the stairs, down the stairs…

The rabbit has stood still for some time now, in front of the wall downstairs, with his back turned to the man still crawling, up the stairs, down the stairs… The rabbit stands up and starts spelling out the remaining words:

“He … lies … to our God”

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