Adam (a poem by Marin Sorescu)


[This is another poem originally written in Romanian by Marin Sorescu; I suppose it’s as good explanation as any for the Fall of Man]

Although he was living in Heaven,

Adam was walking around brooding and sad

Because he didn’t know what he was missing.

Then God manufactured Eve

From one of Adam’s ribs.

And so much did the first man enjoy this miracle

That in that very moment

He touched his next rib,

Feeling pleasant sparks flying up his fingers

As they brushed over firm breasts and sweet hips

Shaped like musical notes.

A new Eve rose up in front of him.

She had just pulled out her mirror

And was painting her lips red.

“That’s life!” sighed Adam

And created another one.

And so on, as each official Eve

Turned her back to him

Or went to the market to shop for gold, myrrh and frankincense

Adam brought to light another odalisque

From his rib-woven harem.

God noticed

This wanton creation of Adam

Called him over, cursed him God-like

And banished him from Heaven

For surrealism.

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