Nudism (another poem by Marin Sorescu)

[This is another poem originally written in Romanian by Marin Sorescu; poets and their muses…]


I carry mud with a bucket
For the women who practice nudism.
In my youth I used to have a better opinion
About women;
But somebody needs to do
This job as well.

They no longer shy away from me
They call me “the one who brings mud”
And they go on with their nudism.
In fact, I don’t really heed them any more,
I call them “the women who get muddy”
And I just mind my own thoughts.

Sometimes, out of the blue
I feel a tremendous urge to swear.
Oh, gods! Damn this life
Old age
All these gods
Turn into high quality mud.
Anyhow, women find it very satisfactory
And paste their bodies with it.

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