good ol’ Colombia

Remembering Colombia…

Lobo, donde esta tu cachucha?

My good friends looking on as I deliver (what else?) another long-winded joke:

Cami, Nanita

Cami, Flor (not sure; Cami, help?), Xime, Sebi, Nanita



Time is kind of hard to understand. It has no beginning, no end, but it does exist. So this is what happens. Just yesterday it was the 4th of July [2006] and we were painting welcome signs and looking forward to seeing you more than everything, and tomorrow is the 4th of August, and you are leaving.

It isn’t possible to stop feeling this emptiness of thinking you are leaving. This month went by without us noticing, and now it’s time to say GOOD BYE TO YOU. It isn’t possible to hide the sadness; it isn’t worthy to say that we don’t care, that you were just a visitor who like many others came and left.

We would like to be able to stop time and live it all over again. But we can’t. We sit in the balcony to think about you; we put out a cigarette and lit up another one, and we just try to understand that the real value of time is not time itself, that time doesn’t really exist, but it’s essential in our lives. Time is only the bank of memories, memories we try to summarize in the photographs we stick on pages we then turn.

So, by the time we wake up to our reality, when you are in Japan, and we continue to be here, our time together will be gone. But don’t worry, because our best memories remain stored in this book.

We want you to know that we will never forget all we share with you, and we hope this is NOT the end of a friendship, but the beginning of a relationship that knows no distance; we will be waiting for you a year from now:


Finally, you will always be in our hearts because the number of memories these pictures try to gather will permanently keep you in our lives. The best of luck with all you do; we hope all your dreams come true, and you can organize everything to come and live here as soon as possible. Don’t forget: COLOMBIA IS PASSION, It’s FAMILY, GUARO, GUAYABO, TEJO, GUARAPO, COFFEE, FRUIT, ANIMALS, BEACHES, GIRLS, FOOD, SALSA, VALLENATO, FRIENDS, PARTIES, PARTIES AND MORE PARTIES.

Enjoy your return home, but never forget that here there’s a part of you, and we’ll always be here, not only us, but the rest of the people, waiting for you.

Thanks for giving us the chance to share the best month of our lives with you. A very big kiss…

Nanita & Xime.

Thank you Nanita & Xime, Sebi and Cami, Tatu and Santi, Mona and Tito, and everybody else who met me with such warmth.

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