Romanian sutras (volume 1)

As befits the Fool’s Day…

Songs on life’s surprises, all heard from (and told to) others. Thank you for your humor (and your patience).

This is a (roughly) 30 minutes “album”.

WARNING: Do not listen at work or any other place where bursting out in fits of uncontrollable laughter might cause you problems.

LANGUAGE WARNING: Profanities used rather gratuitously. Think George Carlin’s list of 7 taboo words.

1. Tequilla, a Crocodile and a Woman

2. Skiing from Siberia [special dedication to the Ukrainian people]

3. Hitler’s inspection

4. The Girlfriend and Skippy

5. The black sheep & the white sheep [I didn’t get it either]

6. Bula, the military and the front teeth gap

7. Ion, Maria and the cow

8. Smart parents, smart children

9. Fridge out of the blue sky

10. Ion & Gheorghe, on purpose or in jest [special dedication to all who don’t like this kind of jokes]

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