Romanian perspective on the (new) Cold War

Digging out for wires buried deep in the ground

Radio Yerevan keeps the listeners appraised of the latest discoveries:

The Americans have been digging 2000 meters down into the ground, and they’ve discovered copper wires.

Based on this, the Americans have concluded that wire technology was available 2000 years ago, that there was a civilisation in North America preceding the current great American civilisation and they were able to use telephones.

The next day, also on Radio Yerevan:

The Soviets have been digging 4000 meters down into the ground somewhere in Siberia, and they found some wires.

Based on this, the Soviets have concluded that some Siberian tribe had mastered the technology of using telephones as far back as 4000 years ago, 2000 years ago before Jesus walked on Earth.

The next day it’s the Romanians. The announcer on Radio Yerevan:

The Romanians have been digging to 10,000 meters down into the ground; they’ve been digging and digging and digging, under the wise leadership of the First-Secretary of the Party, the beloved Nicolae Ceausescu, and they found… NOTHING.

Based on this the Romanians have concluded that the ancestors of Romanians had mastered wireless technology as long ago as 10,000 years ago.

Ion and Gheorghe happily sawing the atomic bomb in half

Ion and Gheorghe (best mates) have found a nuclear missile and they’re happily trying to saw it in half in the yard in front of the house. They’re using this big saw which is used for sawing down big trees.

The village teacher happens to walk by and he sees them busy at their task, whistling along as they’re cutting through this nuclear weapon.

Obviously these guys don’t realise what they’re actually doing!

The teacher, white with fear, rushes towards them shouting:

Guys, guys, come on, that’s a nuclear bomb! Don’t you know? It could explode!

Ion and Gheorghe (unfazed):

That’s alright, we have another one in the barn.

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